Born in Spain from a Cuban father and an Irish mother. The last of six children, Javi started   playing the guitar when at 13 years old he left Madrid to attend boarding school in Ireland. After 2   years he moved with his father to Miami and started pursuing his dream in music.  

  By the age of twenty he released his first CD simultaneously in the Latin markets of U.S.A.,   Puerto Rico , Europe, Mexico and South America. He achieved gold record sales in three countries   with a funky Latin Rock fusion.   His first single "Tranquila" went to the top of the charts  

  After touring for a few years he released his second album with Universal, which he produced   together with multi Grammy and Oscar Award Winner Gustavo Santaolalla. and has some world   renowned musicians in the album including Arturo Sandoval, Abe Laboriel jr.(Paul Mc Cartney's   drummer), Smithsonian inducted "living treasure" Francisco Aguabella on batá.

  An inventive and highly energetic performer based in Miami, Javier Garcia is the picture af a   complete artist: composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and gifted singer. It is these   talents he brings into an incredibly diverse fusion of musical styles (with tastes of rock, funk, reg- gae, hip-hop,ska, afro cuban, calypso, and many more) that mesh together into a unique new pop   sound paired with Javier’s positive lyrics.

  Javier has also developed his career as a songwriter, doing music for movies and working with   many artists including Ricky Martin, David Bisbal and Nelly Furtado. He is currently touring, song- writing and working on his new album.